Student contest

2018 EPE International Sensors Application Student Contest (EPE-SC)


Welcome to the 2018 EPE International Sensors Application Student Contest ! 

This international competition addresses Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. students. Itspurpose is to stimulate submissions of innovative ideas for applications in the area of sensors and measurement systems.

The 2018 EPE International Sensors Application Student Contest is promoted and organized by Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Iasi.

Participating members of teams will develop their application in their University laboratories in the areas of sensors and measurement systems and will have to attend the live demonstration session that is planned during the international conference EPE 2018. The best projects will be awarded with prizes.


Preparation and submission of proposals

In order to be accepted for participation each team has to submit a project technical proposal (maximum 3 pages) that must include:

  • the significance of the specific application that the team is aiming to develop
  • the technical description of the project that is intended to be developed, revealing its novelty and originality
  • the measurement methodology that is intended to be implemented
  • the intended use of a microcontroller platform and how the proposed project exploits its potential
  • the demo that is intended to be performed at the selected conference venue

Participating teams will include a maximum of 3 student members and must identify a faculty member at their University who will act as tutor and point of contact with respect to the organizing committee. In addition to the three-page technical proposal, the submission package must include:

  • a one-page short resume of all the team members
  • the address and contact info of the tutor who will be the point of contact with the contest organization committee
  • a letter in which the team members state their venue for the live demonstration of the project and declare that they will attend the event. At least one team member must attend the event.

The organizing committee is unable to cover the travel and subsistence costs for contestants, but will organize cheap accommodation in campus and the participants will be welcomed at coffee breaks and lunches during the conference.


Participation instructions

  1. Students are welcome to participate to EPE-SC.
  2. Students must participate in teams; each team being formed by 2-3 members (maximum of 3).
  3. Each participating team will identify a professor who will write a letter of endorsement and will act as tutor and point of contact with respect to EPE-SC organizing committee.
  4. Each team must submit a proposal of the project that is intended to be developed and that will be demonstrated at the contest.
  5. The project must be based on a platform made by using a microcontroller plus at least two sensors. Additional components or boards developed for the specific project may be also used.
  6. Proposals must be submitted before the deadline given below.
  7. After the submission deadline, a maximum of 10 proposals will be selected for the live demonstration at the contest.
  8. Team members will develop their project at their home University laboratories and will participate in the live demonstration session at the conference.
  9. The three best projects (selected by the jury) will receive an EPE Award. All participating teams will receive a Participation Certificate signed by the President of the Conference.
  10. Each team can participate with only one project.

How to submit

Submission package (one single pdf file including the following):

  • technical project proposal
  • names, short CVs, and affiliation of the team members
  • signed letter of commitment to attend the live demo session at the conference
  • letter of endorsement for the project signed by one Faculty member, which must include a statement that the team will have access to the University laboratory facilities to develop the project)

The submission package should be addressed to Prof. Cristian Zet, Chair of the organizing committee of EPE-SC (


Organizing and Proposal Selection Committee

Chair:               Prof. Cristian Zet, Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi

Members:        Prof. Cristian Fosalau, Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi

                         Prof. Liviu Breniuc, Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi

                         Conf. Catalin Damian,Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi


Deadlines and important dates

Submission of proposals: April 30, 2018

Notification of acceptance: May 4, 2018

Contest: October 18-19, 2018