Prospective authors are kindly asked to submit first an extended abstract of at least 700 words until April 30, 2018Depending on the decision upon the abstract, authors will be then asked to submit the full paper.

The extended abstract must be IN TEXT FORMAT ONLY and will be inserted in the appropriate box of the interface. It must contain sections briefly describing the scientific problem to be dealt in the paper with respect to state-of-the-art, details upon the methods and techniques employed, results and discussion in which clearly highlight the novelty and added value brought to the field by the paper.

The official language of the EPE 2018 Conference is English.


The abstracts, as well as the final papers will be uploaded using the electronic submission interface of the Conference. Papers sent by e-mail will be discarded.


For uploading the abstract, authors must create an account on the electronic submission interface of the Conference after which they will receive an ID and a password for every paper submitted. For enrolling as an author, please check the Author button in the account registration form. These credentials can be used to edit the submission, to (re)upload a paper or to view a submitted paper. Please be careful to remember them.

Authors who have already been registered to EPE from previous editions of the conference and do not remember the password, will access „Forgot your password?” link. They must know, however, the username. Otherwise, a new user must be registered. If you encounter troubles in this step, please contact the Conference Technical Chair at

When entering the account, you will find a box where you have to insert the abstract in text only. PLEASE DO NOT USE GREEK LETTERS OR SPECIAL CHARACTERS IN THE ABSTRACT, OTHERWISE THE INTERFACE WILL GIVE AN ERROR.

The evaluation process will take place as follows.

  1. Authors submit the extended abstract of at least 700 words on the electronic submission interface of the Conference. The abstract is directed to a track director, according to the topic the paper belongs to.
  2. The track directors decide upon the abstract acceptance and make invitation to submit the full paper.
  3. Authors receive a message regarding the abstract acceptance/rejection. Please note that in this stage, only a provisional acceptance is provided. The final decision is carried out after the full paper revision.
  4. Authors prepare the full version of the paper. The full paper must be 4 to 6 pages length and must rigorously comply with the Template (this is a requirement for the papers to be included in IEEE Xplore). Shorter submissions are automatically rejected. Please prepare the final paper strictly complying with the following Templates:   docx   or     doc.
  5. The Word version of the full paper is uploaded to the Conference interface. 
  6. The full paper is evaluated by at least 2 independent reviewers, who make observations and comments. In this stage, the paper is rigorously checked for the Template conformity and for plagiarism using the CrossCheck tool. Authors are informed about unconformities (if any).
  7. Authors send the camera ready version of the paper, in which they must answer all the reviewers’ observations and comments. The camera ready papers are sent in two formats: word and pdf as supplementary files from your user account or as attached files to an email addressed to the track director of the section belonging to. The message may be edited directly from the interface using Director decision/Notify director. Once again, the paper is checked for the Template conformity and for plagiarism. Papers that do not comply the rules are rejected and authors are informed by message. For converting the word version of the paper in pdf, please read the instructions below.
  8. Authors register for the Conference attendance and send the filled copyright form.
  9. Payment of the appropriate registration fees is received.


Important notes

  • Submitted papers must be original work with no substantially overlap with papers that have been published or that are simultaneously submitted to other journals or conferences with proceedings. The plagiarism report performed with CrossCheck tool should not show more than 30% overlapping without references.
  • The final version of the paper will appear in the conference proceedings and will be published in IEEE Xplore if at least one author registers, participates and presents the paper in a Conference section.
  • A full conference fee covers at most 2 papers to be presented at the Conference by the same author. Authors wishing to present more than two papers must pay an additional fee of 100 euro for every paper exceeding the limit of two. However, if a co-author wishes to present the additional paper(s), he must pay the full registration fee.
  • IEEE Xplore accepts papers only in pdf format made using the IEEE PDF eXpress tool. So, in step 7, before sending the camera ready paper, please convert it in a pdf format using  IEEE PDF eXpress tool and send it along with the Word format to the conference using the electronic submission interface of the Conference. Information regarding how to use the IEEE PDF eXpress tool may be found here.
  • Authors who pay fees as IEEE members are required to provide their IEEE member number in the appropriate field of the registration interface.