About Iasi

Iasi, the former capital of Moldavia, is the most important political, economic and cultural center of Moldavia and one of the oldest cities in Romania.

Major events in the political and cultural history of Moldavia are connected with the name of the city of Iasi, the capital of Moldova for three centuries (1564-1862). Iasi continued to be the most important cultural centre of the country, even after Bucharest became the capital of Romania in 1862.

Iaşi is the city of great ideas, of great unions, of the oldest university in Romania, of the first theater in Romanian language and of the first Romanian literature museum. Mainly due to its 55.000 students, Iasi is a young and bustling scientific and cultural citadel.

The most interesting places to be visited are the three Ierarchs Church, the Three Ierarchs Church, the Palace of Culture, the Metropolitan Cathedral and Musem, the National Theatre, the Dosoftei House, the lime tree of Eminescu, the Cetăţuia Monastery, the Hall of the Lost Steps, the Unification Museum and many others.

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